They couldn’t afford their dream wedding. What her dad did to help was amazing.

The love of a father is boundless especially when it comes to daddy’s little girl. For Naomi Richardson, her father went to extreme lengths to put a smile on his daughter’s face.

Meet Naomi Richardson.

Naomi is a humble person. She didn’t grow up dreaming of fame or riches but instead would be perfectly happy spending her life with the people she loved.

She did have one dream though, and that was to have the perfect wedding when she had met the right man.

Well Naomi did meet someone special and after a few years together, he popped the question and she said yes.

Her fiancé Sean was a wonderful person, however, he wasn’t a wealthy man and sadly couldn’t promise Naomi her dream wedding.

She was still happy to be getting married to such a great guy, but her father Steven, wasn’t as content. While he couldn’t have picked a better son-in-law, he was feeling disappointed that his daughter’s one wish couldn’t be fulfilled.

Steven vowed that he’d try his best to get her daughter what she wanted. Failing to get help from his friends, colleagues and even family. Steven went online and started looking for ideas.

Late one night he came across an advertisement for a contest and the prize was an all expense paid wedding in a luxurious part of town. All he had to do was come up with a winning slogan.

This was perfect her thought.

Steven sat up all night figuring out a witty and clever line that could potentially get his baby girl the wedding of her dreams.

He submitted it the next morning.

As you can guess, Steven received a call one afternoon from the sponsors of the contest informing him that he’d won.

“I did not believe it, I actually won!”

When asked about the contest slogan – “Describe what Love is” – Steven had written “He stole my heart so I am taking revenge and taking his last name!”

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